Monday, August 27, 2007

First blog

I wish there was something special that I could write about to commemorate about my first blog ever. Sadly , it is not that case; I'm just sitting here in my room with some menstrual cramps and thinking whether if I should join my roommate tomorrow and her first year medical school students on a rampage downtown for a night of drinking and partying. Granted, as a pre-med student I'm utterly excited at the fact that I'll be able to join the "adults" in their pre-torture session they fondly call school...BUT on the other hand I am extremely nervous that someone will yell and point me out that I don't belong in their pack and toss me over board of the bus. And then I'll be left in downtown alone and wanting to cry...
My roommate just rectified the situation by e-mailing the sponsor and asking if I can join legit-ish. :) YAY! Hopefully that med student doctor person will be kind enough to let me in on the chaos.
I'm so happy right now, that it slightly feels unreal in the sense that I shouldn't be so happy. But I'll deal and see where it takes me. Hopefully the Buddhas will take pity on me and continue my happiness a little longer before school and reality hits, and I can live in my la la land of thinking that I'm Grace Kelly for a little while longer. :)


This site's main theme more so stems from "Grace Kelly" by Mika. There is absolutely no association with Grace Kelly the actress. I only wish I could have 1/2 the grace she possesses on screen. *sighs*