Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Falling...into something...

Life has been awfully busy lately, yet greatly satisfying. Every waking moment has been filled with work, cooking new recipes, hanging out with friends, fencing, and losing my heart (and mind) when "he" smiles at me.

I think I have a small indication of falling a bit in infatuation/love/lust with this person. (I still can't decide which is which.....sad...huh?) Usually he is reserved, polite to others, but whenever our eyes meet, his smile...oh his smile has enough wattage to give the electricity plants a run for their money. Oh he always smiles at me so unexpectedly in such that it short circuits my brain and I go into daze mode for a couple seconds before I can return a smile or say hello. I bet he just thinks I'm such a big klutz and weird person for reacting the way I do. *Sigh* Like all of my other past crushes...they never seem to work out and that I never seem to be the type of person that they are looking for. But I am determine to ride this crush out with as much dignity I can muster and hope I don't fall too many times.


This site's main theme more so stems from "Grace Kelly" by Mika. There is absolutely no association with Grace Kelly the actress. I only wish I could have 1/2 the grace she possesses on screen. *sighs*