Monday, July 29, 2013

Life and the Return to Running

Wow, I can't believe the last time I updated was in March. Yikes.  I definitely have been slacking on the blogging front.  Probably should start organizing my thoughts again eh?

Shy of a year and half, my parents finally agreed to meet W in person.  I orchestrated dinner in a small Italian restaurant and wrangled with all the details of when to meet, where to meet...etc (parents are from out of town).  Counting down to the actual event I was pretty nervous, I mean this was something that I've been wanting to happen 3 months into the relationship, but wasn't able to since my parents weren't able to get over the fact that W is of another race! Big deal?  HECK YA!  However on the other hand, W and my parents did not share the nervousness. So I felt like a dork all week fretting over stuff and W just keep telling no worries, he's got it. 

On the day of, I was picked up by my parents and told W to meet us at the Italian restaurant.  As I walked up to the restaurant, I see W with a bouquet of flowers standing at the entrance waiting for us. Haircut? Check.  Decent clothes?  Check.  Long pants?  Check. Shoes? Flipflops. OMG what the hell are those doing here?  That's right.  W wore meet my parents for the first time.  Facepalm.  

Both my parents ended up not enjoying themselves because they couldn't really understand what W was saying and also eating way too fast ending up with a stomach ache.  W was super nervous and ended up speaking way too fast to my already comprehension challenged parents.  All in was only short of a disaster, since we later found out that the flowers W gave my mom were the type of flowers one would give at a Chinese funeral.  Oops. 

The silver lining in all of this is that my parents aren't particularly adverse to meeting W again at a future date, even though they tell me that I should date around more and treat W as just a friend. Hah. Yea. No thanks. 

Anyways, so about a month ago, I'd figured, what are the chances of actually winning a single ticket going into the raffle for the Nike Women's SF Half Marathon?  Not very high right?  Meh, I entered for the sake of entering anyways.  

A month later...

Yay!!! and...Oh crap!  Were the only thoughts that ran through my head when I saw that. 

I suppose I'm going back to training with these pretties!  <3 p="">


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