Thursday, February 28, 2008

Day of Realization

Today is the day of realization that I am still loved.

I have never celebrated my birthday in such a fancy fashion ever before! Though there were no pictures to show how happy I was, but those memories are some that I will treasure forever.

I am thankful for the new friends and old who were there to wish me a good day, take me out to multiple lunches throughout the couple of days, write cards of affection, and buy/make cakes and cupcakes filling my fridge.

Somehow I thought that after my last relationship, no one would ever love me (well except my family), yet my friends were so awesome that I've been feeling that I have been way too lucky, and the warmness filling my heart and chest threatens to spill over by being simply too full.

Thank you everyone. Hopefully someday, I will be able to give you guys what you guys have been giving me.

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