Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Letter to H.

Dear H,

I refuse to contact you, so don't try contacting me if all of sudden it strikes your fancy (I highly doubt it though). This will be the first and last time I directly address to you here, so here it goes. H., I never noticed how much of myself I lost during the seven years we were together, and how much it was becoming a toll to my(our respective) sanity back then. Now, though I am admitting that breaking up was the best thing that happened to us, it does not mean that I forgave you for all the shit you put me through. I hope that someday karma will bite you in your ass and that what I have been telling you for the past couple of years will finally go through that thick skull of yours. But at the same time, I wish you well. I hope that you will never put another girl in the position that you placed me in and that she will never have to suffer what I had to. I can confidently say that we will never be friends again, but I hope that one day in the far future, when we meet again in this small world of medicine and research that we will both be happy with our then significant others and chat cordially for the short (very short) duration. Till then, take care of yourself.


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