Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kissing frogs

At a friend's wedding, I met a cute couple in their mid forties and had a wonderful time talking to them. Towards the end of our conversation, the wife inquired if I was in a relationship, to which I replied in the negative.

"But you are so cute!" she exclaimed.

"haha" (awkward laugh) "Thank you, but being cute doesn't get me anywhere with guys around here; not hot enough" I replied with a small smile.

"Oh the guys around your age right now are all idiots. You are going to be kissing a lot of frogs until they get mature enough. But since you are going to be kissing frogs anyways, you might as well start early so you know exactly what you want when the right one comes along" She noted with an air of finality, turns to her husband and asks "Right honey?"

Husband nods. I laugh, and change the topic to something else.

Fast forward a couple weeks to now. I went on a semi date today with a guy I've been talking to for a while, and while hugging goodbye, he dove in for a kiss. Sadly I wasn't quick enough to duck out, and he caught me right where he wanted me--smack dab on the lips with slobber. UGH. Freaking immature frog!!! I had to use every fiber of restraint in me not to wipe my lips right in front of him. I quickly hugged him and high tailed out of there.

I suppose the unfortunate saga of me kissing frogs has begun. 1 down, and hopefully not too many to go before I meet that special person.

Frogs are yucky.

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