Monday, October 27, 2008


It is interesting how the thoughts of mine are constantly and always triggered by the events surrounding me. Currently in my life, I am bombarded by the news of relatives' and family friend relative's deaths. I guess I am at the age, where the older generation that I have interacted with, have finished their time on earth and are/were ready to move on. I wish I was more apathetic towards these situations, however each incident just provokes more thoughts on life and death...and how people really minute living and breathing, and the next cold and every aspect of their personality gone. And yet the living remain, continue chugging on with the rest of their life, propelling forward the infinite cycle (or should I say recycle?) of life.

This thing called life is such a delicate and interesting topic in which probably would never have a conclusion. For example, if I were honest with myself, I would definitely admit that growing up, being more responsible, and falling in love again is so truly painful and so scary that I don't think I would want to do any of it voluntarily. But yet, like two sides of a coin, I wouldn't be able to enjoy the highs, the freedom, and the feeling of being adored and loved again if I choose to not experience the pain. Why is it that in life, there are so many uncertainties, and it seems that through gains we also suffer losses. Why is it that there are so many detail aspects of life in which we cannot control and keep it positive? Is it truly because without the bad, we would not be able to appreciate the good?

Hmmmm maybe I will just enjoy it for what it is and leave these thoughts for another day, another time.

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