Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Next Best Thing....

other than talking to myself in the mirror is to probably post a blog post about conversations within my head. Puhahaha.

Anyways, and glimpse of my current thoughts and what have yous:

1) OH NOESSS!!! Work is starting to consume my social and personal time. I no talk to friends anymore, and conversations are largely (95%) confined to discussing certain protocols and mechanism behind pathways. Even in the evenings when I'm technically "online" to chit chat, I end up forgetting about conversations because I get sidetracked and start reading papers (I wasn't even this studious in school..dunno wtf is going on with me).... i.e. Sooooo sorry Pugster! I will call you sometime....I swear! Well....if you still want to hang out or have time I guess. Oh, and J, I will eventually go to your Japanese archery studio with you and drink tea.....I Promise.

2) Dance. Freaking DANCE gives me a sore back, sore arms, sore legs....sore everything--effing jumps and twists thingys. In some ways, I wish dance was a little bit like science and fencing--more anaylitical and limited to one side of the body only. This way, by just thinking, and relying on one side of the body one will do wonderfuly---WHY does it have to be feelings and both sides of the body? AHHHHH, damn body coordination.

3) Nobody should ever wield a weapon in anger. NEVER. Grr...I hate it when I hear sad stories.

4) The mom of the octupulets is a nut case (food stamps don't equal welfare???? WTF); she should be mentally evaluated, and the doctor who did the IVF should lose his license. Poor kids.

5) I want rainboots. This weather is making me regret my decision to be stingy...er I meant frugal. But I'm pretty sure, once I buy em, it'll stop raining for good. Oh the dilemma.

6) .....I need to dry my hair and go to bed.....

7) G'night!

8) Oh....and I saw a really CUTE fencer today with his gf ( I assumed). Dude....how come I never got to meet any when I fenced? He offered to give me a dollar for the parking permit in the parking lot. So nice.

9) Okay....really g'night now. Ja neh!

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