Sunday, February 8, 2009

Social obligations

I have to preface this post, by stating that I love my friend--he is the kindest, and most gentle soul I have ever met and have the privilage to know since middle school. If this boy was ever in need of anything, I would do it in a heart beat. That said, there is one thing that would take tons and tons of convincing and bribing on his part for me to do again--eating dinner with his parents.

Last night I was at his place having him fix Hitomi for me, in which took hours...(omg, I will never want to reformat my laptop EVER again), and his parents INSISTED that I stay for dinner, being a good, polite girl that I am, I stayed even though my house is like 5 minutes away. Dinner, the food was lovely, until we got to the lets have awkward dinner conversations part. An excerpt:

Friend's Mom:
"So have any of your classmates gotten married yet?"

Friend and I:
"......." (look at each other)

Friend's Mom:

"I think so, I've heard about one or two, but I was never close to them"

"Oh yea, X already has a kid now I think..."

"Yea, wow, that is crazy" (wanting to kick him under the table to change topic, but no luck since the dinner table was glass)

Friend's Mom:
"OMGoodness, you guys are so grown up now...." (looks at my friend and I with a VERY big smile)

(Forced, polite grin whilst dying inside)

And the rest of the dinner was pretty much variations on such conversations, which I think take on the hint not so subtly "are you guys together?"

I think I no longer feel guilty about having said friend spend 5 hours working Hitomi. If I ever do, I definitely need a reminder.

*GFriend, if you ever read this, I still love you! Just that your parents are a little intense....or a little bit too well intentioned...thats all!

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