Sunday, December 6, 2009

Die Suche geht weiter

My vacation is pending; something that I have looked forward to all year long and yet at the brink of being able to let go for three weeks I am hesitant. It is like studying hard for finals week, not being able to sleep, not being able to do anything normal, and then WHAM all of sudden, you have way too much free time on your hands.

It also doesn't help that everyone I tell that I am going on vacation exclaims "OMG YOU ARE SO FREAKING LUCKY!!!"

Come on people, luck is definitely not the fact in whether I get to go on vacation or not. I worked my ass off all year long with no days off, bunched my vacation up together with Christmas and New Years in such that I get three weeks off to the destination of my choice. And last but not least, I saved money, and I choose to use it on this vacation. SIGH. Please don't portray my vacation as something that just fell out of the sky and I'm so extremely fortunate to be able to do it. Yes, I am lucky in the sense that my job allows me to do this, my boss is okay with it and my parents are supportive; but otherwise, don't try to push the "you are so lucky" and "life is so much nicer and better to you" shit on me.

One thing I am starting to realize now is that I'm getting better and better at the don't care about crap what others think about me and I will just do as I please and will. Part of having self confidence thing, I guess. Sort of like a self soul search thing I suppose. I am rambling...... hmm I suppose I should get back to work so I can go home and pack.


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