Sunday, December 27, 2009

Adventures: Part I

Oh gosh, where would I start describing my trip so far? I can't believe time has gone so fast and quickly such that I am already half way through my trip. Wasn't it just yesterday that we left San Diego tired and weary of the long trip ahead? And now here I am in Sao Paolo and already feel like a total honary Paulista instead of a tourista. hehe.

I've met so many great people who treated me as their own and who were so warm and welcoming that I feel I've met more life long friends in an insanely short time. Days that past by in a blur was filled with food, conversation and attempting really hard not to pass out in the back seat of the car on route to another party at 2am in the morning. I can say with definite certainty that I am living the Sao Paolo city life.

The next 2 days will be filled with recharging and running around the neighborhood trying to amass as many random goods as possible to stuff in my lugguage and then it is off to City of God for and intense 4 days of partying and celebration of the New Year. Apparently that is when I will be introduced the REAL Brazillian culture and men. At this point of time, I will do what I usually do--sit back and enjoy what is to come.

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