Saturday, January 2, 2010

Adventures: Part II

People were not kidding when they say that Rio is a city that seduces. Well at least I have been properly seduced after only a four day stay in the city. The funny thing is that during my four day stay, I did nothing of what a tourist would normally do. Visiting the Sugar Loaf, making the trek to the Christ, and celebrating New Years on Copacabana beach were simply lists, and lists they stayed.

I met and stayed with friends, and simply enjoyed their company and what normal city life had to offer in Rio. Partly why our itinerary had to change from tourist mode into Carioca mode was due to the heavy slate of rain that was bombarding the city during the time we were there. Funnily enough, the heavy rain was stopped by a cobra witch and the city rejoiced by celebrating New Years' in her name and let loose an onslaught of fireworks. Good times.

New Years' eve was full of laughter, food, champagne, and in the company of the most awesome people one can ever ask for. I pray that our respective new year will pan out to be greater than the last and that all our dreams and wishes come true to our benefits.

To 2010!

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