Wednesday, January 27, 2010


In a span of 24 hours I have been on an emotionally roller coaster ride that is one minute uplifting, the next gut wrenching and then ending with my heart cracking a little.

Such is life. Never discriminating against the good nor the bad whilst making sure that there is a little bit of both sprinkled all around. Though I do not have the power to make all things bad, good, it definitely does not negate the fact and the powerful urge that I have in which I WANT to.

To hear bad news from people that I absolute adore and to read a story that would absolutely break my heart if I was there in person just simply makes me want to cry for them. I want to shed their tears for them so badly, to embrace them and lessen their burden such so they don't have to carry it alone.

But all I can do now is just pray, and hope that their pain will lessen soon and that tomorrow will be a brighter day. I mean, didn't someone say that the only good thing about looking towards the future is that it comes a day at a time.

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