Sunday, April 18, 2010


I'm on a high. Currently residing in a new city for a couple days in the name of work and am absolutely loving it. Tomorrow will be my one day off of this 5 day 4 night long conference and I am absolutely ecstatic about being able to walk around in the city and do a bit of site seeing.

I've always wanted to visit D.C. ever since I wrote a 20 page long report about the Viet Vets back in middle school. I don't know why I felt so strongly about it back then but I do; it is almost like the memorial itself is begging me to go visit it every since then. Sure, I have forgotten about this longing that I had way back when, but when I was browsing the map and mapping out my route I saw it and I just HAD to work it in my tour.

So now I sleep and I will check out the city tomorrow on foot.

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