Saturday, May 1, 2010

Wrong baby Wrong

"Is it better than the one you tried at Pizza Port?" he asks.

Caught off guard, I sputtered in a whisper "No, but it is much creamier."

"What?" He leaned in closer

"No, but this one is much creamier." I replied in a louder voice.

My cheeks start to flare, but whether due to the stout that I ingested on an empty stomach a couple minutes before or from embarrassment of him asking me of a private moment of ours in front of his new date, I would never know.

Him bringing the girl to our social gathering nailed the final nail on the coffin of anything that would ever hint to happen. And surprisingly, it hurt a bit on my behalf.

Unbeknownst to me, myself and I, I fell a teeny tiny bit in love (or crush, however you want to see it as) in the past month but in the past week or so, every possibility of that that crush was ripped into shreds. Ah, when will I ever learn?

Not knowing him that well, I will just assume from now on, everything we have done together was simply friends meeting out for a quick meal and enjoying each others company and no more. I just hope I can hold these thoughts the next time he leans in and gets close.

Wrong baby wrong. In so many ways.

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