Friday, August 24, 2012

Cliff Jumping

At the moment, things are a bit stagnant.  I'm coming down from a big high, and I'm finding myself a bit antsy.  This past Sunday, I finished my running goals of 2012.

Running Goals for 2012
·      Run Carlsbad Half Marathon (Jan 22)
·      Run a Warrior Dash (Mar 31)
·      Run La Jolla Half Marathon (Apr 29)
·      Run AFC Half Marathon (Aug 19)
·      Get Triple Crown 2012 medal
·      Volunteer at SD Rock n Roll Marathon

I'm proud, and quite tickled that I actually finished what I listed above (and an 10k) all in one calendar year!  However, just thinking about what lays ahead scares the bezeheesus out of me.  

Quitting one's job while living off on savings in this financial environment literally feels like jumping off a cliff.  Only this time, there is no idea when or where impact with the bottom will occur; or somehow miraculously, one will gain a pair of wings mid fall.  So far, the fall is still on going.  I feel like I might as well embrace it and not struggle too much, perhaps that will give me enough thinking space to actually figure something out.

Perhaps...if I can stop flailing long enough.

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