Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Apple and Oranges

Today outside of class, Stef. and I saw the most interesting couple.

The girl was obese and short. Dressed in shirts too small and tight for her, and had accessories dangling off her left and right. She was holding hands with her boyfriend who was only slightly taller than her with a shaved head, and decked out in FOB ware. Together they spelled out fashion disaster and total awkwardness. What caught my attention wasn't their strange fashion statement or lack thereof, but it was how happy the two of them were. They were talking and laughing at some inside joke, and when they walked passed us, she tiptoed towards the guy, cups her hand around his face, and kisses his cheek after saying "I love you". The bf, was just smiling dumbly as if he never knew any other happiness in the world and held her hand and they walked towards the parking lot.

I couldn't help but chuckle at their awkwardness, but at the same time sigh wistfully and longingly at their candid display of affection towards each other. Maybe apples and oranges can go together ...after all, they are both fruits.

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