Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Holidays

Today is Christmas Day. It seems as if the whole world was put on hold for a day--the streets were significantly emptier than usual, and parking lots empty. I felt like I was one of those survivors on 28 days later, walking amidst empty streets in the wind--all I really needed was newspapers flying.

Anyways...It wasn't exactly a joyous day in our household; parental units decided it was a day to hold grudges against each other over something minor. Placing the rest of the family in a very awkward atmosphere, and reducing my siblings and I to messengers..."tell your father this..." "whats for dinner? tell your mom to...." I'm not terribly upset, we don't exactly celebrate Christmas anyways, however it just forced us to observe our parents in a very different light than we use to.

As a teenager, I've always viewed grownups as a more mature form of human beings and therefore they wouldn't dare throw a fit, argue and god forbid act like a child. However, the older I become, the more I realize, it is not the fact that they stop acting such antics, it is just simply they know how to conceal themselves better than they use to (of course there are always the exceptions which do it ALL the time...but for the majority, this applies).

Growing up sucks, and the growing pains never stop. Sure it might leave for a while, but be sure that it will return in full force in another form at a time that one least expects it to.

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frylime said...

hope the holidays got better for you...

good luck in the spring with your classes!


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