Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Weather Insanity

I hate walking in the cold when I am clad only in two thin layers of long sleeve clothing. Absolutely hate it. The only time one will catch me out in the cold and in the dark is when I am securely clad in my enormously thick and comfortable down filled puff jacket. Why, then was I clad in said clothing one might ask. Well, when I left for class earlier this morning, the sun was high in the sky doing the sun thing, and it felt like summer. So I decided to forgo my usual entourage of winter layers and go for the two layer of long sleeve clothing. Big Mistake.

When I got out of class around 5pm I felt the first gust of chill starting to set in, panic I did. For the ten minutes it took me walking from my lecture hall to the bus stop, I literally felt like Robert Neville--increasing my pace as I went, nervously glancing in the direction of sunset, and fervently hoping that the last rays of warmth would just simply linger--in Neville's case, the UV rays. If I even dared to tempt fate, slowing my pace just in the slightest, those awfully done CGI zombies, opps, I meant the bone chilling SD cold will catch up, swallow and render me freezing (and cursing).

Needless to say, I made it home safely; I tempted fate and survived. However, I acknowledge that next time I probably will not be that lucky. Therefore I will side on the line of insanity, uh...I meant security and bring my big bad winter down-filled puff jacket to school, during the middle of the day, despite it being 75 degrees outside.

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Angie said...

i really don't understand the weather. the way i deal with it is wearing a long sleeve shirt and then a hoodie over it. basically, i'm sweating hot in the day time and freezing cold at night. i don't know what to wear to satisfy BOTH weathers. rawrr.


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