Monday, January 28, 2008


Recent events have placed me in a pensive mood. I don't know where to start without being corny and all, therefore I'll just say it--I am very grateful and humbled by the people that are by my side and who like me as I am.

Not to sound mushy or anything, but I think my mentor and coworkers dote on me. Well, not the type of "oh darling, you are so have a cookie" type of doting. But the type where they joke around with me, teach me, mess with my head because they like me....and so much more...but most importantly I think they firmly think that I have the potential to reach my dreams--be a doctor.

At times I feel so unworthy to be the object of in which they "dote" and "believe" in--but in retrospect, they have to see something in me that I don't see in myself for them make such conclusion too right? Them, doting on me, liking me, making me feel part of something, warms my heart so much that sometimes brims my eyes with tears.

I just hope I won't let them nor myself down.

As Chinese New Year approaches, I think I have made some New Year resolutions. They are as follows:

1) Believe in myself and have confidence
2) Study hard and Party hard
3) Never forget lessons learned
4) Learn how to run
5) Learn how to Salsa whilst dancing with a cute boy, or dance with a cute boy afterward mastering Salsa...either one works :P
6) Pass the MCATs with a decent score
7) Save more money
8) Feel less guilt

#4 and #8 are thanks to Dr.Mama, whose blog has helped me in parts that I didn't even knew I needed help in. And if you are reading this Dr.Mama for any reason, I just would like to say, I'm happy that I'm one of your maggots, and that I'm happy for making you happy! :)

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