Sunday, April 13, 2008

This is the way life should be

Went kayaking in this awesome weather yesterday. Totally want to go again today, but alas duty of homework calls. . Might I add that I'm also working on my tan? Muahaha, maybe this year will be the year I get rid of that weird swim suit tan I have on my back.


So today was seriously a lazy hazy day for me. The temperature outside was in its mid 80s and so far I have only accomplished not even 1/2 of my chaos draft that is due tomorrow and 2 separate loads of laundry. I also had a few good talks with friends and sister. It is so easy to be overwhelmed with all the kindness and warmth of friendship. *sigh* Why haven't I realized this sooner? Well better now than never no?

oOo! And I took a nap today! I haven't taken naps in like forever! I guess I was seriously worn out from yesterday's 4 hours of kayaking and cooking. It was awesome fun and I really enjoyed my company; too bad life can't be like that all the time. But then again, it does make the opportunities that much more special.

Oh! another awesome report to report. I'm going to Brad Paisley's concert when he comes to San Diego! *giggles like a mindless school girl* I am beyond stoked and excited! I just cannot wait till it happens! Chuck Wicks, and Jewel will also be performing!

The only down-ish thing for me right now is that my sprained ankle/foot thing has yet to heal completely, and I am afraid to run on it. It is starting to make me anxious though, not being able to go running and all that. Hopefully my ankle will heal soon and I can get back on road. :I

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