Monday, October 10, 2011

Dumb dumb-ness

So, I pulled/strained a muscle on my lower calf (or ankle) after my long run yesterday.

Not before, not during, but AFTER. *TEARS* I'm only on week 2 training for my half and this genius thing happens when I was stretching after my run. I guess the upside of the coin is that most likely it is a muscle (not ligament) since I can still move my foot in all sorts of directions and there is no swelling...just can't really put too much weight on it for long. (Thanks co-workers for diagnosing me!) And the injury should be okay in about a week if I promise to not to make it do too much work. *crosses fingers* Wish me luck!

On a happier note... I ran four miles!!! I amaze myself in what my body is able to do. After the run, before I started stretching...I was like....did I just run 4 miles? Damn I'm good. And the guys already know from above.

Oh, also, Fall is here!!!! Hello pumpkin spice latte and hot cocoa!

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