Saturday, October 15, 2011

Possibility of first of many firsts

Due to my strained calf/muscle/tendon what have you, I thought maybe the shoes that I currently am running in might be the reason that exacerbates the tightness that is reserved especially for my lower left leg.

So, I decided to bite the metaphorical bullet and walk into my local running gear store and ask them to fit me for a pair of running shoes. However, after a quick assessment, and (slightly painful) manipulations on my calf, they sent me out the store with a reference for a masseuse and a cheery wave saying that I should come back after I see her.

Instead of purchasing a new pair of running shoes, I ended up meeting a masseuse and allowing myself to be touched by someone I've never meet before. I have to say, granted it felt weird initially, my masseuse was incredibly friendly and she herself was an accomplished swimmer and runner to boot! During the whole session, not only I got my muscles worked on, I also learned so much more about running races in general.

Now, my whole body just feels like it is on a fluffy cloud and I'm able to walk without feeling tension in my legs. AMAZING! I might just have to start a massage fund on the side so I'll be able to make this a monthly event.

Anyways, prior getting side tracked...what I really wanted to say, from the runner/workers at the local running store, to my masseuse....not only they were generous with their advice to a newbie like me they were all so nice!

Even though I didn't get a new pair of shoes (will get em soon though), I got something even better. AND, maybe the rumor tis true....runners are a bunch of nice people!

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