Saturday, October 1, 2011

Home after Travel

After spending 9 days travelling abroad, it is definitely nice to be back home and in familiar surroundings. Though I have to say, being back in the grind at work definitely was not fun. Got back at 8PM Thursday evening, and went to work 9AM the next day, and immediately discovered that there are experiments that need to be tend to and worked on. In short I didn't get to leave work until 6:30PM. Easy day back= FAIL. That and the zen that I rediscovered while on vacation is just slightly cracking....

Regardless of the stressful welcome back I got from work....looking back on these past couple of days, taking time from my hectic schedule was definitely worth it. The talk went alright, though the question answer part definitely had a lot for me to improve on. But as I discovered, earning an experience to talk in front of experts of the field and having them pay my stay at a five star hotel is an experience that will not come by easily I might as well get as much as I can out of it.

A short picture recap:

Cascais, Portugal: Morning view from the balcony of my hotel room


Lisbon, Portugal: view of the city after a grueling climb

Pastel de Nata: YUM

Sintra, Portugal: Palace de Pena, House of Portuguese Royalty till the early 1900s

Madrid, Spain: Plaza Mayor for less than 20 hours

Of the two countries that I have visited, Portugal may have taken my breath away, but Madrid will forever keep a piece of soul. All I can really say is that....I will definitely go back.

And now back to work and continuing to figure life out.

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