Monday, October 24, 2011

One of Those Days

Today was one of those days where I wish I was here instead of trapped in a building staining cells and wishing my work load would lessen. And no..that person isn't me in the picture.

It is funny how when I'm tired and exhausted that the first couple thoughts that pop into my mind are as follows: when can I go running? will I ever meet a person that likes me and I like them? Will I ever be able to move on from my current position? What will I do with my life?

Questions that don't have immediate answers and usually are those things that I'm suppose to let simply unfold, but like picking at a scab, I just can't help it!

And when I read entries like this at One-twenty-five I just can't help but feel slightly envious and want to do what she is doing with her life. Perhaps if I make that leap into the unknown, I will find my way too. None of this without proper planning first though! Who was that wise person that once said one has to be lost first before they are found?

Perhaps, in this moment I just want to be just that, lost.


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Amanda @ Running On Waffles said...

I agree...I wish I could do something like Liz and just take off and explore the world! We'll get there (someday hopefully!). PS Loving the blog set up!


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