Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Growing up

People who are older than me tell me that I'm in a good position and that as long as I do my job as a student, there is nothing to fear about growing up and moving on into the adult world. However, why do I still fear growing up? These are the times when I wish there was someone there to tell me that it all will be okay and though my fears are not unfounded and that they are benign.

As the eldest child in my family, there aren't a lot of people in which I can confide in nor take advice from that truly understood my hesitations and fears. Sure I ask around for assistance, but that doesn't mean that my fears always strike me at the most convenient times and allows me to call people during those times. After all I don't want to become the clingy one that is stuck with her phone.

I guess what I really have to do is sit down, plan and and suck it up. :) Life is full of different chapters and I hope the best has yet to come.

But....I think all I really want is just a hug and someone telling me to suck it up.

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Angie said...



and..."SUCK IT UP! you can do this!!!!!!!"

yeah?...good? :D


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