Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Current Thoughts

I woke up this morning quite disturbed. I dreamt about the mice that L. showed me yesterday and the cancerous lung samples that she collected. I've seen my fair share of numerous cancerous organs and samples, but for some odd reason, the lungs seems to be the only organ to affect me in this way. The little cysts that perforated and that were scattered across the smooth surface somehow reminded me of angry little blisters and just won't go away--and to think that my grandpa died of lung cancer just adds to that image a little bit more. ERGH!

Anyways, on a happier note--I finally found a way to start running again! I haven't been running in a while and was getting bitter because of my late evening classing along side with work wasn't allowing me to do my usual afternoon runs. After much agonizing and internal debate on my part I finally worked up the courage to ask L. for some time off and study time. I'm here sitting on a post run high and enjoying my day off today. Goodness I did not know how much I needed this little down time to myself and suffice to say...I'm enjoying it immensely. Although I am not quite sure how I feel about running in the morning yet--granted it was only my first run--but it feels different than running in the evening. Hopefully I will be inspired enough to be able to keep this up.

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