Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A taste of Pre-med

I like the MCAT prep class that I'm taking right is intense but fun at the same time when I get questions right. But there is one thing that bothers me in that class--the people that compose of the class. These people are the most rude, conceited and head up in their own asses people I have ever met. No one says "thank you" when something is passed to them, NO one smiles and almost EVERY time during the breaks, they are fighting for the attention of the instructor and then yapping away at some dumb questions that the instructor already addressed to the class 10 minutes before break. And don't even mention during the time when we go over the practice passages that we work on during class...."oh! oh! why is it that answer? didn't you just say this? didn't you just say that?" MY GAWD. Kill me now.

I try to be nice and polite in the class, but am always suprised and hurt by the responses the people by me give me. The attitude just makes me want to close myself and be aloof and rude at the same time. SIGH....I hope that I don't ever have to resort to that. But if i keep getting burned then I just might have to.

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