Friday, July 4, 2008

Perfect Evening

At the risk of jinxing this perfect evening, I will announce to the world that I finally have a moment of rest and peace. Though my moving is not completely done, I am glad to say that I finished most of the move (with the assistance of the parental units) and now I am comfortably sitting at my NEW desk (former dinning table) in my NEW room contemplating how life is treating me recently.

For dinner, I had guava juice with 1 slice of CPK pizza with a bit of chicken and was able to sit down to watch TV--this my friends, was simply heaven. To be able to eat at a time that is regular, to not have to think on a schedule term and what other duties I have to do afterwards was awesome.

It is quite a weird feeling. I have been constantly stressed to the limit recently and yet at this moment of peace and relaxation, I can only feel how grateful I am to be here and be able to do the things I am doing. My battle uphill is far from fact it has only started. But for now, I will be grateful for this rest and make the best of it for soon I, like Sisyphus will have to face reality again and continue our job.

I guess faced with the daily stress that I have, it is really the simple pleasures that make my day.

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