Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A break from the frenzy

To my right, there is an old gentleman who is napping at 15-20 minute intervals. How do I know? The snoring that he emits when he is passed out is quite the tall tell sign. Behind me there are ladies that have struck up a conversation starting from marital status, work, and now onto the topic of life in health care and the medical field. And ahead of me, amongst the background of The Price is Right, two people are engaged in an animated conversation, gesticulating, laughing, and enjoying their new found company.

It has been a long while since I’ve been able to sit somewhere random and just simply people watch. While I do know being on jury duty waiting to be assigned to a court isn’t exactly the most ideal place to people watch, it is nonetheless quite amusing and interesting. People from all walks of life, the way they carry themselves, and the conversations they initiate all paint quite a colorful microcosm of the society we live in today. That and being able to take off from work for the day (and maybe next couple of days) is a pretty sweet deal. I can read blogs all day long and not have to worry about burning my work place down or co-workers looking over my shoulders! PWAHAHAHA.

On a totally random note, it always tickles me inside whenever I see people reading and flipping through newspaper. With the advance of online subscriptions (which I am a fan as well) and easy access to news 24/7, it seems as if no one really cares about paper copies anymore. But there is that something that is romantic and so old school chic about someone reading paper with a cup of coffee at their side that makes me happy inside. Me, strange? Perhaps. I never claimed to be normal anyway.

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