Monday, August 15, 2011

Cold Weather

Why is SD in the high 50's in the middle of August? Poor tourists, I hope they don't think this is normal weather for sunny SoCal. Sun, please come back. Thankx, much appreciated!

Planning my trip is making me very happy, whereas scheduling out my experiments and thinking about my pending talk is making me slightly sad.

Soreness aside, hopefully endorphins will help me pick up my motivation tomorrow. That and the perchance that my experiments will actually work, unlike today.

Anyways, the count down begins and frenzy commences. Hopefully I'll stay rather sane throughout this chaos.


Amanda @ Running On Waffles said...

Good luck with the experiments!!!

Alice said...

Thanks Amanda!

Sadly, they didn't turn out well today either. We got the machine to work but my samples were no bueno.

Oh well, next time will work I hope. :)


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