Monday, November 8, 2010


The soreness from yesterday's yoga is definitely carrying through and every raising movement I have my arms do make me wince and hiss. I suppose this really means that I stretched my muscles good yesterday! Hopefully this elasticity will be ingrained in muscle memory and today's rest will only mean that I will be able to do more next time.

Due to fatigue, I forgo-ed today's run. >_< I will definitely get back on the treadmill tomorrow!!! My goal for this month will be running for a total of 30 miles. Assuming that I will keep the current pace up through Thanksgiving festivities I will definitely make it!

Go! Go! Go!

Recently at work, it has been an interesting ride; ex supervisor constantly dropping in left and right, co workers getting vacation whenever they wish for, and some co-workers slacking their ass off while getting praised and me on the other side working and just looking at them in bewilderment. Life can be a bit biased at times.

Hopefully the pendulum of fairness will swing my way soon. Sigh. Till then, Allie, just keep running, writing, reading and staying true to yourself!

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