Saturday, October 27, 2007


Anger and annoyance really do get people on their feet and going.

I'm currently annoyed about quite a few things. Things that culminate in mind is a bad thing therefore I guess I'll just do it in bullet form:
- Brother will not just shut the fuck up. Not only he is obsessed with designer clothing, but is selfish and looking out only for himself.
- I've been wanting to actually talk to H. in a more intimate way than "oh how was your day...and list it out for you" way. But to no avail; this format is what I keep getting.
- FUCK the assholes who set fire in So Cal, not only tons of people are out of homes, but they fucking screwed up the academic now I get to freaking play catch up.
- I'm pmsing or dmsing whatever you call it and I want to strangle someone right now.

I can't decide the order in which I am more annoyed at. Probably all at the same time. GRRRR. Can't tell I'm frustrated yet?

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