Sunday, October 7, 2007

Pur-fect Sunday

Okay, so originally today H. was suppose to come down from Irvine and we get to spend the whole day together...blah blah blah...but like most of the times he said he was coming down, something came up with his family and prevented him from such. Surprisingly, I'm actually okay with him not coming down this Sunday. I'm catching up on laundry, making pudding, reading, and here typing up a new post. However, sadly to say, I don't know how I'm going to schedule my schedule when he decides to come down on Thursday; I guess he'll just have to be by himself on Friday afternoon in the library or something whilst I do work. Blah, oh well I'll just have to remember to tell him tonight.

I love this feeling where I am at ease, and no rushing to get work done, no rushing or frightened that I won't be able to meet a deadline. I feel my confidence coming back! and another YAY for Gabe, since he was kind enough to take my shift such so I didn't have to work today.

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