Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I don't know why I constantly feel so tired. I know I am definitely getting enough hours of sleep, so then I don't understand why my inner child is so tired and constantly feeling so drained. So far my days aren't too bad, classes are okay since I have been reviewing and previewing the lecture material. Hopefully my school work never gets to the point that it becomes boring.

Library walk is currently flooded with vendors, for as it is vendor's fair... however somehow this year it feels different. Different in the sense that though I want to buy something, I somehow feel ashamed to purchase anything. Kind of like the feel when one day I was realized I was too old to ride the merry-go-round and just wanted to get off as quickly as possible. I guess Dylan and I do have different and unique conversations when we are tired.

It is funny how people unconsciously gravitate towards names that have the hidden meanings that tell a lot about their character. For example, when I just looked up my name, it meant noble and kind. Though I don't proclaim to be either, many people have commented on how I have such qualities. And to think I named myself at the young age of 2! I must of had high hopes for myself at that time...and quite frankly...I'm thinking I'm at least living up to my name. At the same time, Dylan, my inner child...a name that I choose for her back when I was rediscovering the English language, means "child of the sea." Its amazing how I've always had an affinity towards the ocean, and in which, when I'm near or in the ocean that I feel peaceful and at ease. Interesting Indeed.

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