Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Case of Mondays

I am actually very impressed with my ability to make it through the day today. Granted that I woke up late, and was about 5 minutes late to my one and only class, I'm proud to say that I survived Monday...albeit not without some minor difficulties.

For some odd reason I've been feeling this subtle yet weird headache today, and some slight pre-period dull aches in the abdominal area. It would totally be reasonable except for the fact I just had my period a week ago. Hum...odd. I wonder if it is the stress catching up to me or the fact that I too way too many healthy vitamins before leaving the house this morning. It was really only 1 omega 3, 2 multivitamins, 2 B vitamins...so not like it was TOO much. Shrug, I patiently await the day that I fully understand what the heck my body is doing in comparison to my daily activities.

Anyways, back to my case of Monday's. Everything was going by at a snail crawling pace that was painful to endure. Work at lab wasn't so bad, if it weren't for the fact that my mentor, L. was doing VP assays and had to do work on ~20 mice. Not only it stunk up the bay for the whole afternoon, but there was poop everywhere! On the lab bench (which is easier to clean up because of the diapers placed) and not to mention, on the floor. I swear it is the mice's' last revenge, or errr whatever they do before they are sacked. Hopefully L. will see the poop and at least wipe some off the floor, or else she will definitely see me scrubbing the floor on Wednesday.

I got some news today that I am not quite sure how to respond to. Apparently H.'s mom refuses to let him stay over a night, and in return he will only be able to come down tomorrow for the day and leave for home at night. Though frustrated at his mom's constantly change of mind (yes....no...wait...maybe...wait...NO) I am grateful that H. will be coming down tomorrow, because I'm just tired, and I am really ready to just fall into his arms and rest there for a little bit. Why is being a full time student with 2 part-time jobs so stressful? Man if college is like this, I can't imagine being in Med school would be like.

Ah... oh well... another worry for another day. g'night all.

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frylime said...

thanks for the link!

don't worry, in med school you "can't" have a job, so you have more time to stress about school...

good luck!


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