Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Ever since the arrival of my period since late 5th grade, I was taught the name Premenstrual Syndrome, or more commonly referred as PMS. However I never wholly understood the concept of mood swings, being grouchy, unreasonable crying until tonight.

I was talking to H. on the phone earlier tonight, and was irritated the fact that I had an upset stomach...the kind where it feels like the whole GI tract has gone all frozen up...Anyways, somehow conversation led to accusation and accusation led to argument...sensing the conversation wasn't going anywhere I hung up. I paused for two seconds and then suddenly I burst into tears. It was not like the conversation/argument we had was worthy of tears or such sadness, it just felt like a compelling urge to cry. A few seconds past by, and I realized what I was doing. Shocked, I sat there with remnant tears slowly dripping down my face, and then suddenly I felt fine.

I think PMS has finally caught up to me.

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