Thursday, October 4, 2007


So I didn't go to either of my morning classes, but I currently feel damn good for resting, making myself some pumpkin latte and a grilled cheese sandwich with some chips for lunch. Yea, I think I really needed the break. Grrr...If I only didn't burn the toast...the whole freaking apartment smells burnt now...not to mention my hair and clothes.

Now I'm contemplating whether I should go to my afternoon class at all, or simply give myself a break and not go to it until next Tuesday? Well it is music and I guess no one will really miss me. I think I shalln't miss it much either. I'm going to try going to the library tonight and see how much I'll be able to get done and get ahead of the class. Mostly Mol. Bio and structural biology that I need to read up on and catch up. However I do believe I didn't miss much from not going to class yesterday and today.

Another note in my life is that I am absolutely obsessed and hooked onto iTunes and the services that it provides. This is so freaking lovely, if I don't spend my money over there on Lush, I spend money on iTunes getting access to TV shows and music that are fantastically awesome. Well at least with music I'll be able to listen to over and over again. Until that fateful time that switch computers and such. Till then I guess.

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Tânia said...

I noticed that you don't use to have many comments, so I hope it doesn't feels strange to you, specially because we don't met each other.
And also, I hope you forgive my bad english, because I am potuguese, and I am not an expert in english...
I just want to say that I found your blog while I was cliking the "next blog" link, and I like it (I read all your posts), because it is really different from what I use to found when I click the "next blog" link...

So, I hope you get more confident and be really happy (don't miss school, even if you are a little more stressed or something, think that when you stay home you miss a lot of new things that you could not experiment any more...).

By the way, if you want to, you could go to my new blog Caderno (it doesn't have any comments yet too)...




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