Thursday, October 11, 2007

I Will Come Through

Currently listening to "I Will Come Through" by Sister Hazel.

Status: Holding on.

Thursday. School is moving waaay too fast for my liking; week 2 already and work is kicking my butt.

Since I had 2 1/2 hours to kill, I decided to go the psych. computer lab to kill some time before I had to sing. Half way there I met M., a bioengineer PhD/masters in something walking across campus. Waved him down, said hi, and got talked into going with him to meet up with some engineers at the customizing metal shop on campus. (I didn't even knew we had one! Apparently one of the guys there use to work for NASA. That will tell me to appreciate the wide variety of darn smart people we have on campus!) All I can say is OMG, M. truely lives up to the notorious reputation he has within the lab; there are some serious people skills that he has to learn whilst dealing with others. The workers at the shop were completely annoyed at him; hopefully the NASA guy understood my apologies and my embarassment in which M. was showcasing in the glace/look I gave him. But other than that, the tools and machines that the university has is absolutely brilliant and awesome. Today I got a peek on collaboration (albeit not the greatest kind), politics in work place, and biology science all in a simple matter of 40 mins. Coolness.

And just for that, I thank M. for his generousity in allowing me to tag along. Albeit his showcasing behaviour did remind me of the doctors in the OB/GYN department who somehow LOVED to show off to their patients the fact that i was an "intern" from America, and since I was shadowing them, they somehow were great and good doctors. But this is another story for another day if anyone is ever interested.

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