Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Midterm Season

Can't believe midterms are soon creeping upon me again. Darn you stupid quarter system! I'm not ready yet! There is still reading to be read, questions to be asked and tons and tons of material to be chewed and digested. Slow down time please.

Midterms aside, I've have come to realize that my nutrition professor bothers me. Not so much her lectures, but in the sense of finality she tends to conclude things without giving her answers much thought. I've heard from different asian medical and chinese medicinal sources citing that with the gross intake of milk, sometimes (most of the times) leads to the loss of osteoperosis; since we were on the topic of lactose, I thought I might as well ask whether if it was true. Not only she said that the article I read probably didn't have their sources right, but also there is no way one can have gross intake of milk that would lead to loss of bone calcium and density. Her answer was so final, that it left no room for argument. I wonder if I should show her this article: http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/calcium.html

Now it makes me wonder...how can people just bs answers when they are in a position to teach/spread information, even though they aren't sure if they are right or not, and not care of the consequences or possible amt of misleading they may cause?

*shrug* I guess there are different types of people everywhere and in different power position these days. I wonder why this continues to amaze, baffle and digust me so.

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