Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Question of the day

How can people sing in a choir and not notice that they are off key and 2 measures behind the rest of the group? In other words, how can one be tone deaf but not know they are tone deaf.

Seriously, I sometimes wonder if their inner ear canal is simply constructed differently to receive and interpret a pitch differently. My goodness. One of the girls in the soprano section was a major if not main contributor to my migraine this afternoon.

8 more class sessions...eek I really hope the conductor does something about that tone deaf but don't know she is tone deaf girl.


Midterms are currently 1 down 2 to go. I think I passed, but now the question is that how did I do. Sigh, the questions were seriously so open ended that I spent about 15 minutes on one supposedly "short answer" question. And to think that the professor is very nit-picky about her answers; I just hope my 'answers' satisfy her.

eekkkkk 2 midterms right after each other! and erm...I haven't started studying at all...gah! Well I know what I'm doing this week. I am determined to do well this quarter and not fail like the previous quarters. Add oil! I can do this! *and wake up early tomorrow*

Go! Go! Go!

btw...I feel major neglect from H. lately. Too bad my TA from nutrition is taken...or else I would totally make it for the kill (he has such a nice ass...)

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